Kingdom of the Divine Will

17 oct 2020 – The Marriage of the Virgin Mary with St.Joseph.

The Marriage of the Virgin Mary with St.Joseph -D17 -MaryDWill

10 Oct 2020 – The glorious Birth of the Queen of Heaven.

Mother Mary tells us :

… even though I was just newly born,
I enclosed the Prodigy of the greatest Prodigies:
the Divine Will reigning in Me.  He enclosed in Me
a Heaven more beautiful,
a Sun more refulgent than those of Creation, of which I was also Queen,
a sea of graces without boundaries,
which constantly murmured: “Love, love to my Creator.”

Therefore, my birth was the true dawn
that puts to flight the night of the human will.

And as I kept growing,
-I formed the daybreak and  I called for the brightest daylight,
to make the Sun of the Eternal Word rise over the earth….

The Birth of the Queen of Heaven -D10- Mary in the D.Will

1 Oct 2020 – “The primary cause of my Immaculate Conception was the Divine Will” -Day 1            

Mother Mary says:

My life was all of Divine Will. ….

If my Conception was spotless and so glorious
-as to form the honor of the Divine Family,
it was only because the Omnipotent Fiat poured Itself upon my seed,
-and I was conceived pure and holy.

Therefore, the primary cause was, entirely, the Divine Will.

To It be honor, glory, thanksgiving,
for my having been conceived without original sin.

First Step -Immaculate Conception -Day1 – Mary in the D.Will