BOH – Mai 2021

31 may 2021 – 5th Glorious Mystery – The Crowning of Mary in Heaven

My child,
do you want to know who She is for whom the whole of Heaven
sings praise and remains enraptured?
I am She who never did Her own will.

The Divine Will abounded so much with Me as to extend
–  Heavens more beautiful, Suns more refulgent, seas of Beauty,
of Love, of Sanctity,  such that I could
– give Light to all, Love and Sanctity to all, and
– enclose everything and everyone within my Heaven.

It was the Work of the Divine Will operating in Me
that had accomplished such a great prodigy.

I was the only creature entering Heaven,
– who had done the Divine Will on earth as It is done in Heaven,
– and who had formed Its Kingdom in my soul.

The Crowning of Mary in Heaven-V.Mary – D31

26 may 2021 – 5th Sorrowful Mystery – The Death of Jesus -Sorrows of Mary

Luisa writes : ‘”I was doing the Hour of the Passion in which 
my sorrowful Mama received Her Son, dead,
into Her arms, and placed Him in the sepulcher

I said to her : ‘My Mama,
together with Jesus I place all souls into your arms,
that You may
– recognize them all as your children,
– inscribe them one by one into your Heart, and
– place them inside the Wounds of Jesus.

They are the children of your immense Sorrow
And this is enough for You to recognize them and love them.
And I want to place all generations in the Supreme Will,
– so that no one may be missing.

And in the name of all I give You comforts,
compassions and divine reliefs.”(…)

The Death of Jesus -Sorrows of Mary – BOH16

24 may 2021 3th sorrowful Mystery – The Crowning with thorns.

“My child,

these thorns say that I want to be constituted King
of each heart. To Me belongs every dominion.
Take these thorns and prick your heart.
Let everything that does not belong to Me come out.

And then leave one thorn inside,
–  as the seal that I am your King, and

– to prevent any other thing from entering into you.

Then, go through every heart, and pricking them,
– let all the fumes of pride and the rottenness which
they contain come out. And constitute Me King of all.”  (…)

The Crowning with thorns – Hour 17

24 may 2021 – The Maternity of the Queen of Heaven


(…) all heaven prays,  awaits that the Divine Will be known and reigns.

And then the great Queen  will do to the children of my Volition
–  that which she did to her Jesus.
Her Maternity will have life in her children.

“I will surrender my Place in her maternal Heart to one who lives in my Volition.
She will raise them in Me,  she will guide their steps.
She will hide them in her Maternity and Sanctity.

One will see impressed in all their acts her maternal Love and her Sanctity
They will be her true Children, that will resemble Me in everything.(…)

One who wants to live in my Volition has a Queen and powerful Mother
– that will make up for that which they lack.
– who will raise them in her maternal womb.

In everything they will do, she will be together with them
– in order to model their acts to hers.

The Maternity of the Queen of Heaven – BOH 36

23 may 2021 – The Descent of the Holy Spirit

Then the time came for the descent of the Holy Spirit,
promised by my Son, in the cenacle.

What a transformation, my child.  As they were invested,
they acquired new science, invincible strength, ardent love.

A new life flowed within them, which rendered them
intrepid and courageous, in such a way that they scattered
throughout the whole world to make Redemption known,
and to lay down their lives for their Master. (…)

I will make the Holy Spirit descend into your soul,
that He may burn away from you all that is human.
And that by His refreshing breath, He may rule over you
and confirm you in the Divine Will.

“The Descent of the Holy Spirit ” VMary D30

23 may 2021 – “Relieve Me with your Love”

“In every moment, in every hour,
I want to love You with all my heart. (…)

Of Love alone I want to speak.
At Love alone I want to look.
To Love alone I want to listen.
Always of Love I want to think.

With Love alone I want to burn.
With Love alone I want to be consumed,
Only Love I want to enjoy,

Only Love I want to content.
From Love alone I want to live,
And within Love I want to die. (…)

And together with Jesus, and with His Heart,
Love, Love, I will love You. “

“Relieve Me with your Love” BOH 10

22 may 2021 – 2end sorrowful Mystery – The scourging of Jesus

“All of you who love Me,

come to learn the heroism of true love!
Come to dampen in my Blood  the thirst of your passions,
your thirst
–  for so many ambitions,
–  for so many intoxications and pleasures,
–  for so much sensuality!

In this Blood of Mine you will find the remedy
for all of your evils.”(…)

“My Father, may each blow of these scourges repair before You
– for each kind of sin – one by one.
And as they strike Me, let them justify those who commit them.

May these blows
– strike the hearts of creatures, and
– speak to them about my Love,
to the point of forcing them to surrender to Me.” (…)

The scourging of Jesus – the 24 Hours of the Passion – H16

21 may 2021 – First sorrowful Mystery – The Agony in the Garden

“My sons, do not sleep! The hour is near.
Do you not see how I have reduced Myself?
Oh please, help Me, do not abandon Me in these extreme hours!” (…)

“Know that in these three Hours of most bitter Agony in the Garden,
I enclosed in Myself all the lives of creatures.
And I suffered all of their pains, and their very death,
– giving my own Life to each one of them.

My Agonies will sustain theirs.  My bitternesses and my Death
will turn into a fount of sweetness and life for them.

How much souls cost Me! Were I at least requited! “

First sorrowful Mystery – The Agony in the Garden – Passion H7

20 may 2021 – The 5th Luminous Mystery – The Institution of the H.Eucharist

My son, my daughter,

(…) each sacramental Host was deposited in Me,
and contains
– the dwelling of my Humanity and
– the cortege of the honors of my Divinity.

Otherwise, how could I descend into the creature?
And it was only because of this that I tolerated sacrileges,
coldness, irreverences, ingratitudes. (…)

In order to descend into the hearts of creatures,
I was to receive Myself
 so as
–  to secure the divine rights and
–  to  be able to give them,
not only Myself, but also the very acts I did in receiving Myself
to dispose them and almost to give them the right to receive Me”

The 5th Lum Myst- The Institution of the H.Eucharist –  BOH15

19 may 2021 – 4th Luminous Mystery – The Transfiguration

“My daughter, my son,

first I had to make known what my Humanity did and suffered externally,
to be able to dispose souls to know what my Divinity did inside.
The creature is incapable of understanding my work altogether.
Therefore I keep manifesting Myself little by little.

Then, from your link of connection with Me,  the links of other souls
will be connected, and I will have a cohort of souls who,
living in my Volition, will redo all the acts of the creatures.

I will receive the Glory of the many suspended acts done only by Me,
also from the creatures (…)

They will no longer operate humanly.  But rather, as they penetrate
into my Will, their acts will multiply for all in a way which is fully divine.

4th Luminous Mystery – The Transfiguration – BOH2

12 may 2021 – 3th Joyful Mystery – The Birth of Jesus

My daughter, my son,

(…) Your Mama felt She could no longer contain Him within Herself.
Seas of light and of love inundated Me.
And just as I conceived Him within a sea of light,
so within a sea of light He came out of my maternal womb.

Enraptured in this light, I awaited to embrace my little Jesus in my arms,
and as He came out of my womb, I heard His first loving wailings.

The Angel of the Lord placed Him in my arms
I pressed Him very tightly to my Heart.
I gave Him my first kiss, and little Jesus gave Me His.
(V.Mary day 21)

3th Joyful Mystery – The Birth of Jesus-V.Mary – D21- D22