BOH – October 2021

31 oct 2021 – “Love God and your neighbor for love of Me”

My son, my daughter,

Charity is nothing but an outpouring of the Divine Being.
And this outpouring I have diffused over the whole Creation,
– in such a way that all Creation speaks of the love I have for man.
And all Creation teaches him how He must love Me
–  from the largest being to the most tiny little flower in the field.

With one voice they resound among themselves, and repeat to us:
“See, O man, our Creator made us for love of you,
– and we are all at your service.
And you, don’t be so ungrateful – love!
We beg you: love !  We repeat to you: love our Creator.”

After this, my lovable Jesus told me:
This is all I want: love God and your neighbor for love of Me.
See how much I have loved man – and he is so ungrateful.
How could you not want me to chastise them?”

“Love God and your neighbor for love of Me”” – BOH 2 

30 oct 2021 – The Celestial Mother helps Luisa to disarm Divine Justice

The Celestial Mother says to Luisa :

“My daughter,  you have disarmed divine Justice many times,
contenting yourself with receiving Its blows upon yourself.

Now that you see It at the summit of Its fury,
– do not lose heart, but be courageous.

With a heart full of holy Fortitude, enter into this Justice and disarm It.
(…) If you see yourself wounded, beaten, burned, rejected, do not drawback.
But rather, let this be a spur for you to move on.

I Myself have come to your help by bringing you a garment.
As your soul wears it, you will acquire courage and fortitude
– so as to fear nothing.” (…)

“you will acquire courage and fortitude so as to fear nothing” – BOH 4 

29 oct 2021 – If love would cease, life would cease

My daughter, my son,

“Love is everything for God and for man.
If love would cease, life would cease.

However, there are two kinds of love:
– One, spiritual and divine,
–  the other, corporal and disordered.
There is a great difference between these two loves
– in intensity, multiplicity, diversity. (…)

God is the Creator, and if He creates the creatures,
it is Love alone that makes Him create.
If He keeps all of His attributes in a continuous attitude
toward creatures,   it is Love that pushes Him to this.
And His very attributes receive life from Love. ” (…)

“If Love would cease, life would cease” – BOH 5 

28 oct 2021 – “Let me always find you in the Holy Will of my Son”

“My daughter,  my son,

place your little I love You’,  in all the Acts that pass between Me and my Son.
You must know that everything I did toward my Son,
I intended to do toward those souls who were to live in the Divine Will

Because, being in It, they would be disposed to receive all the acts I did toward Jesus. And I would find sufficient space in which to place them.

So, if I kissed my Son, I kissed them,
– because I found them together with Him in His Supreme Will.

They were the first to be as though lined up within Him.  And my maternal Love pushed Me to let them partake in everything I did to my Son. (…)

If you want Me to repeat for you what I did for my Son, let Me always find you in His Will. And I will be generous with my favors toward you.”

“Let me always find you in the Holy Will of my Son” – BOH 18 

27 oct 2021 – Thy Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven

My daughter, my son,

‘your Will be done’ which I taught in the ‘Our Father’ meant
that all were to pray that they might at least do the Will of God.

And this is for all Christians and for all times
Nor can anyone call himself a Christian if he does not dispose himself
– to do the Will of his Celestial Father.

On earth as It is in Heaven’
 means to live in the Divine Will.
It means to pray that the Kingdom of my Will may come on earth
in order to live in It.
In Heaven, they not only do my Will, but they live in It.
They possess It as their own thing, and as their own Kingdom. (…)

“Thy Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven” – BOH 20 

26 oct 2021 – The Goods of one single Word about the Divine Will

“My daughter, my son,

indeed my Will is immense . It contains the whole of Eternity.
If you knew the good which even
– one single word on my Will and
– one single act done in It by the creature contain,
you would be stunned.
In that act she takes Heaven and earth as though in her power.

My Will is life of everything and flows everywhere.
And together with my Will she flows
–  within each affection, in each heartbeat,
– in each thought and in all the rest that creatures do.  (…)

There is no good I do, nor any point of Eternity,
– in which she does not hold her little place.
Oh! how dear she is to Me, how I feel her inseparable from Me.

She is the true faithful one of my Will, she never leaves It alone. (…)

“My Will is life of everything and flows everywhere” – BOH 16 

25 oct 2021 – Jesus deposited the goods of Redemption in the Heart of his Mama

“My daughter, my son,

the whole law and the goods of Redemption were written by Me and deposited  in the Heart of my dear Mama.
She was the first one who lived in my Will
– and therefore drew Me from Heaven and conceived Me in Her womb.
It was right that,  She knew all the laws and was the depository
– of all the goods of Redemption.

And when, going out for my public life, I manifested it
– to the people, to the Apostles,
I did not add one coma – and not because I was incapable of it.
And the Apostles themselves, and the whole Church, have added
– nothing else  to what I said and did when I was upon earth.

The Church has added no other Gospel and instituted no additional Sacrament.
Rather, She always turns to all that I Myself did and said.  “(….)

“Jesus deposited the Goods of Redemption in his Mama” – BOH 16 

24 oct 2021 – The Divine Will is Light. The human will is darkness

“My daughter,  my son,

the human will has covered the whole atmosphere with clouds,
–  in such a way that thick darkness hangs over all creatures,
and almost all of them walk limping and groping.

And each human action they do without the connection of the Divine Will
–  intensifies this darkness and man becomes more blind.

Because the Light – the Sun for the human will is the Divine Will.
Without It, there is no light for the creature.

One who operates, prays, walks, … in my Will, rises above this darkness
And as she operates, prays, speaks, piercing these thick clouds,
she sends flashes of light over all the earth,
such as to shake those who live down below,  at the level of their wills,
– preparing the hearts to receive the Light of the Sun of the Divine Will.”

“Dispel this heaven of darkness over its head” – BOH 16 

23 oct 2021 – The only relief for Jesus is Love

The Virgin Mary says to Luisa:

My daughter, try to make up for everything by means of Love.
May you cherish one thing alone:  to love.

One thought alone, one word alone, one life alone:  Love.
If you want to content and please Jesus,
– love Him, and
– give Him always the occasion to speak of Love.
This is the only relief that cheers Him:  Love.
Tell Him to speak to you of Love, and He will put Himself in a feast.”

Luisa : ‘My tender Jesus, did You hear what our Mama is saying?
That I should ask You for Love, and to speak about Love.’

And Jesus, celebrating, said such and so many things
about the virtue, the height, the nobility of Love,
that it is not for the human language to be able to repeat it.

“The only relief for Jesus is Love” – BOH 10 

22 oct 2021 – The holy Virgin Mary was a faithful copy of her Creator

“My daughter, my son,

the most perfect copy of the children of the Kingdom of my Will
was my Celestial Mama.
And because  It had Its first daughter in It, Redemption could come
Otherwise, had We not had the first daughter of Our Will,
I, the Eternal Word, would never have descended from Heaven.

In order to descend upon earth, I would never have made use of,
nor trusted,  children who were extraneous to Our Will.

So, you see, a daughter of Our Will was needed for the coming
of the Kingdom of Redemption
And because She was a daughter of the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat,
She was the faithful copy of Her Creator
– and a perfect copy of all Creation.
She was to enclose all the Acts
– that the Supreme Will exercises in all created things.”(…)

“The holy Virgin Mary was a faithful copy of her Creator” – BOH 20 

21 oct 2021 – “Your soul should maintain the flight of an eagle”

“My son, my daughter,

your soul must try to maintain the flight of an eagle
– that is, to dwell up high, above all the low things of this earth.
– and so high that no enemy may harm it.
In fact, one who lives up high can harm the enemies,
but cannot be harmed.

And she must not only live up high,  but she must try to have
a purity and sharpness of eye, –  similar to those of an eagle.

Though living up high, though the sharpness of her sight,
 she penetrates the divine things – not in passing,
but by chewing them to the point of making them her favorite food,
– despising any other thing.

And she also penetrates the necessities of her neighbor,
– nor is she afraid to descend into their midst and do good to them
And if needed, she lays down her life.” (…)

“Your soul should maintain the flight of an eagle” – BOH 6 

20 oct 2021 – In My Will human sufferings become Divine.

My daughter, my son,

In my Will ,  things, sufferings, change themselves
and from human they become Divine.
It is not the creature that suffers,   but I myself form them in Me.
 I create those sufferings  in Me,
–  in order to suffer them in my beloved creature.

My Life is repeating itself in her with the cortege of my Sufferings,
– and therefore I call them My Sufferings.

 And if you might know what I do with these sufferings!
I put them between the Heaven and the earth,
– as Glory and perennial Love to my Celestial Father,
– as  a defense and a refuge for creatures,
– as remorse to one who offends Me,
– as a cry of Love to one who doesn’t love me,
– as Light to one who doesn’t know me. (…)

And I can only do this Works  in one who lives in my Will.”

“In My Will human sufferings become Divine.” – BOH 35 

19 oct 2021 – The Gospel of the Kingdom of the Divine Will

“My son, my daughter,

Now that which I manifest on my Divine Will and that you write,
one can call the Gospel of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

Nothing opposes itself neither to the sacred Writings
nor to the Gospel that I announced being upon the earth.
Rather one can call one the support of the other.

And therefore I permit and call the Priests that come,
that read the Gospel all of Heaven of the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat,
in order to say as I said to the Apostles:
preach it throughout the whole world. (…)

The so many surprising Truths, the Promises of the so many Goods
– that I must give to the children of the ‘Fiat Voluntas tua’-‘Your Will be done’,
will be  the Gospel, the base, the inexhaustible source
from which everyone will draw:  celestial Life,
– the terrestrial happiness, and – the restoration of their Creation.”(…)

“The Gospel of the Kingdom of the Divine Will” – BOH 23 

18 oct 2021 -The Virgin Mary was the Seed of the “Fiat Voluntas Tua “

“My daughter, my son,

a simple creature broke the relations which existed
between the Divine Will and the creature.  This split
destroyed the plans which God had in the creation of man.

Another simple creature, though endowed with many
graces and privileges, –  but still a mere creature
– the Virgin Mary ,  Queen of all ,
was given the office  to bind again – to cement, and
–  to place Herself in relations with the Will of Her Creator,
in order to repair the first split of that first creature. (…)

My Mama, was the beginning, the origin, the seed
– of the ‘Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as it is in Heaven’. (…)

My Humanity, which never separated from my Divinity,
– upon this seed of my own Will which I found in my Divine Mother,
formed the great plan of the human will in the Divine Will.”

“The Virgin Mary was the Seed of the ‘Fiat Voluntas Tua ” – BOH 16 

17 oct 2021 – My Love imprisoned Me in the Tabernacle

My son, my daughter,

My Love, making a sweet imprisonment for Me, said to me:

‘Your purpose why You descended from Heaven to earth
is not completed. The Kingdom of our Will, where is it?
Neither does it exist, nor is it known.
Hence You remain imprisoned in every sacramental Host.

Thus it won’t be only one Jesus , as in your Humanity  but so
many Jesus’ for how many consecrated Hosts that will exist.’
So I will form with certainty the Kingdom of my Volition.
Nor would I have remained if I would not obtain the intent.
Even more so that
it is a greater sacrifice than that of my own mortal Life.(…)

“My Love imprisoned Me in the Tabernacle” – BOH 35 

16 oct 2021 – My Mama and Me were inseparable.


“My daughter, my son,

there could not be separation between Me and my sweet Mama.
The separation was only apparent.

She and I were fused together. (…)
I felt my sweet Mama everywhere.
I felt Her in my breath. And if it was labored, She would relieve it.
I felt Her in my Heart. And if It was embittered, She would sweeten It.
I felt Her in my step; And if it was tired, She would give Me vigor and rest
And who can tell you how I felt Her in my Passion?

At each lash, at each thorn, at each wound, at each drop of my Blood.
I felt Her everywhere, carrying out the office of my true Mother.  ”

“My Mama and Me were inseparable..” – BOH 11 

15 oct 2021 – Our Lives were blended together.

“My daughter,  my son,

My dear Mama also did nothing extraordinary in Her exterior life.
Even more, apparently She did less than others.

From Her came the life and the preservation of all creatures:
Yet, who saw anything?  No one.

She lived from my eternal Heartbeat, and I from Her maternal heartbeat.
Therefore our Lives were blended together.  
And this was exactly what, in my eyes, distinguished Her as my Mama.

I am used to cover my greatest works with the most ordinary things”(…)

“Our Lives were blended together.” – BOH 14 

14 oct 2021 – The Outpouring of Love between the Mother and the Son

“My daughter, my son,

(…) In fact, everything that was done by our Supreme Being
– was only an outpouring of Love.

In the Virgin Queen,
I centralized all the outpouring of Love that We had in Creation.

Because, as my Divine Will was in her, my Mother was able
– to receive, with my Kiss, such a great outpouring, and
– to return It to Me.

In fact, only the creature who lives in my Divine Will centralizes in her
– the continuous Act of the whole Creation, and
– the attitude to return It to God.

To the one who possesses my Divine Will
– I can give everything and she can give everything back to Me.”(…)

“The Outpouring of Love between the Mother and the Son” – BOH 27 

13 oct 2021 – Jesus and Mary are always together

My daughter, my son,

 I am always with Jesus.

However at times I hide in Him.
And it seems that He does everything as if He might be without me.
Instead I am within Him. I am together with  Him.

Other times He is hidden in his Mama and He has things done by me.
He is always together with me.

Other times We reveal both of us together.
And the souls see, the Mother and the Son Who love them so much,
according  to the circumstances and  to the good they require.

And many times it is the Love that we cannot contain that makes Us
give into excesses toward them.

But be certain that if my Son is there, so am I.
And that if I am there, my Son is there too.

“Jesus and Mary are always together” – BOH 23 

12 oct 2021 – The Celestial Queen listened to the Lessons of Jesus on the Divine Will

My son, my daughter,

I am not only the Bearer of Jesus.
I am also a spectator, listener of that which He does and says to souls.

“Do you believe, that I was not present to listen
to the so many lessons that my Dear Son made you on his Divine Will?

I was present, I listened, Word by Word, to that which He said to you.
And in every Word, I thanked my Son.
And I felt doubly glorified, that he spoke of the Reign
– that I already possessed,
– that has been all my fortune and the cause of the great Gift of my Son.

And in seeing Him speaking
I saw grafted the fortune of my children with mine.” (…)

“The Celestial Queen listened to the Lessons on the Divine Will” – BOH 34 –

11 oct 2021 – The Celestial Queen defends Jesus in the Sacramental Host

The Celestial Queens says :

“I must put his Life in security,  the great Gift that God entrusted me.
Therefore when He descends in hearts Sacramentally, I descend together with Him to defend Him.(…)

I am the Bearer of Jesus.  He doesn’t want to be without me.
So much so that when the Priest
is about to pronounce the Words of the Consecration over the Holy Host,
I make wings with my maternal hands

So He descends by means of my hands in order to consecrate Him.
So that if unworthy hands touch Him,  I make Him feel mine
– that defend Him and cover Him with my Love. ”

“The Celestial Queen defends Jesus in the Sacramental Host” – BOH 34 –

10 oct 2021 – To acquire Knowledge of Heavenly things

My son, my daughter,

“The more a soul strips herself of natural things,
the more she acquires supernatural and divine things.

The more she strips herself of her self-love,
the more she acquires the Love of God.

The less she aspires
– to the knowledge of the human sciences and to
– to seek the pleasures of the earth,

the more she acquires the Knowledge of heavenly things and the Virtues.”

“To acquire Knowledge of Heavenly things” – BOH 5 

10 oct 2021 – The Celestial Queen is the bearer of Jesus


The Supreme Being said to the Virgin Mary :

“Our daughter,
We make for you the great Gift of the Life of the Son God,
so that
– you are proprietress of Him and
– you give Him to whom you want.

However love Him,  keep Him defended,
do not leave Him ever alone to whomever you give Him to,
– in order to make up for if they don’t love him,
– in order to make reparation to him if they offend him,
you will do in a way that He lacks nothing
– for the Decency, for the Sanctity, for the Purity
that befits Him.”(…)

“The Celestial Queen is the Bearer of Jesus” – BOH 34 –

9 oct 2021 – The Life and the Glory of Queen of Light

“My daughter, my son,

between Me and the Celestial Queen,
– one was the Will that animated us,  one was the Life. (…)

However between my Mama and Myself, there  was this difference:
She is the residence invested by the Light. It made her prey of it.
And the Sun of my Will gave her always Light. He nourished her with Light and raised her in the interminable Rays of the eternal Sun of my Fiat.

Instead my Humanity possessed in itself the sphere of the Divine Sun,
– its source that always rises without ever diminishing.

And the Sovereign Queen drew from Me the Light
–  that gave the Life and the Glory of “Queen of  Light”.

“The Life and the Glory of Queen of Light” – BOH 23 –

8 oct 2021- The cause of the chastisements : the Love of God for the creatures

My son,  my daughter,

the main cause of Our sorrow is the loss of souls:
they are Ours – they belong to Us.

The cause that pushes Me to chastise them is the great Love
that I have for them,  so as to place their souls in safety.”

Even though I suffer, Love pushes Me to send heavier scourges(…)
It seems that the other means make him grow bolder.
Therefore, conform to my Justice

My Mother too loved Me more than all creatures – no one can equal Her.
And yet, in order to save these souls, She conformed to Justice.
And She resigned Herself to see Me suffer so much.

If my Mother did this, could you not do it yourself?”(…)

“My Mother resigned Herself to see Me suffer so much.” –  BOH 2

7 oct 2021 – Day dedicated to the Queen of the Rosary

My Son, my daughter

this day is consecrated to the Queen of the Rosary,
– Queen of victories and of triumphs.

Just as, the Sovereign Lady conquered Her Creator,
– and bejeweling Him with Her chains of love,
She drew Him from Heaven to earth,
– to make Him form the Kingdom of Redemption,

So will the sweet and powerful beads of Her Rosary
– make Her victorious and triumphant again before the Divinity,
conquering the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat,
– to make It come into the midst of creatures.(…)

“Day dedicated to the Queen of the Rosary” – BOH 25 –

6 oct 2021 – The victim souls are a support for Jesus

“My daughter, my son,

it is true that I want to chastise the world.
I have the lashes in my hands with which to beat it.

But it is also true that if both you and the confessor
interest yourself
– with praying Me and
– with suffering,
that is always a support.
And you would come to place as many props
– in order to spare the world, in part at least.

Otherwise, not finding any support or props,
I will pour Myself out with a free hand over the people.”

“The victim souls are a support for Jesus” – BOH 4
sept 29, 1900

5 oct 2021 – “Warm my Son with your affections”

Our Queen Mama tells us:

“My daughter, my son,
warm my Son with your affections.
Because my Son was born
– in extreme poverty,
– in the complete abandonment of men, and
– in highest mortification.”(…)

The tender little Baby, tells us: “Do you promise Me always
to be victim for love of Me,  just as I am for love of you?”

“I always kept my Heart offered in sacrifice,
– to glorify the Father,
– for the conversion of sinners, and
– for the people who surrounded Me,
and who were my most faithful companions in my pains.”(…)

“warm my Son with your affections” – BOH 3-25 dec 1899 –

4 oct 2021 – Our Queen Mama clothes Luisa with her Innocence

Jesus:  “Today I want to delight a little bit by reflecting Myself in you”

I kept repeating in my interior:
‘Oh! God, will I make You delight, or will I embitter You?’

In the meantime, our dear Queen Mama came to my help
Carrying a pure white garment in Her hands, and all-loving, She told me:

Daughter, do not fear.  I Myself want to make up for you
by clothing you with my Innocence,  
so that, in reflecting Himself in you,
my Son may find the greatest delight that can be found in a human creature.”

So She clothed me with that garment and She offered me
to my dear Good, Jesus, telling Him:
“Accept her out of regard for me, O dear Son, and delight in her.”

So every fear went away from me, and Jesus delighted in me, and I in Him.(…)

“Our Queen Mama clothes Luisa with her Innocence”
BOH 3 – Nov. 21, 1899 –

4 oct 2021 – A heart that loves for all

Jesus :: “How can grave things happen, with destructions and dying of people,
where there is a heart that loves for all?
At most, a few tremors might be felt, without considerable damage.”

Luisa :  On hearing ‘a heart that loves for all’, I felt as though I were being picked on. And I myself cannot tell how I came out saying:
What are you saying – a heart that loves for all?
Not only that loves for all, but that repairs for all, that suffers, that thanks,
that praises, that adores, that respects the holy law for all

Because I do not believe it is true love toward the Beloved,
– if one does not render Him the love and all the satisfaction
which the others were supposed to render Him,
–  in such a way that in that person,
He must find all the good and the contentment which He was to find in all.”

“A heart that loves for all” – BOH 7 –

3 oct 2021 – Our Father, our Queen Mary and Jesus working the creature

“My son, my daughter

 the Angels, the Saints, seeing the Celestial Father,
the Sovereign Queen and their King,
all intent working in this creature,
they also want to help us with the work.

And lining up around the fortunate creature,
– they work with defending her,
– they remove the enemies,
– they free her from the perils and
– form walls of fortitude, so that no one can molest her.

You see therefore how one who lives in my Divine Volition
gives work to everyone.
And everyone occupies themselves with her.”

“Our Father, our Queen Mary and Jesus working the creature” – BOH 33 –

2 oct 2021- What I am in Nature, my Mother was by Grace

“My daughter, my son,

the delights and the graces that I poured into my Mama,
– were such and so many,
that it is enough to tell you  that
– what I am by Nature,
– my Mother became by Grace.

More so, since She had no sin,
– and therefore my Grace was able to flow freely within Her,
there is nothing of my Being which I did not give to Her.”

At that instant, I seemed to see our Queen Mother as if
She were another God, with this difference alone:
– that in God this is His own Nature,
– while in Mary Most Holy it is acquired Grace.” (…)

“What I am in Nature, my Mother was by Grace.” – BOH 2 

1 oct2021 – My Kingdom was in the heart of My Mama

My daughter, my son,

“My Kingdom was in the Heart of my Mother
And this, because Her Heart was never disturbed even slightly.

So much so, that in the immense sea of the Passion,
She suffered immense pains.
And her Heart was pierced through by the sword of sorrow.
Bbut She did not receive the slightest breath of disturbance.

Therefore, since my Kingdom is a Kingdom of peace,

I was able to lay my Kingdom within Her,
and to reign freely without any obstacle.”

“My Kingdom was in the heart of My Mama .” – BOH 2 –