BOH Jan 2021

21 Jan 2021 – Love my Will and know how to keep it.

“Dear son, dear daughter,

It is true that I came upon earth to redeem man.
But my primary purpose was that the Divine Will
might triumph over the human will
– by according these two wills together and making them one,
– taking the human will into that Will from which it had gone out.
“This Divine Will of Mine grew within my Humanity
like a flower, which  I transplanted from Heaven
into the true Eden of my terrestrial Humanity
It germinated in my Blood,  it sprouted from my Wounds,
to make of It the greatest Gift to the creature.
Don’t you want to receive it?”…

I want to transplant My Will  into you .
Love it, and know how to keep It.

” I want to transplant My Will  into you.” BOH-15

20 Jan.2021 – correspondance is the door to let me enter into your heart.

correspondance. BOH-2

9 january 2021 – A death which gives life to our brothers.

My daughter , my Son,

I suffer death when my Will wants to operate some good in the creature
and if she turns her back to the Grace that I offer her.

If the creature is disposed to do that good,
-it is as if my Will multiplied another life.
if the creature is reluctant,
– it is as if my Will suffered a death.

if the creature is not in continuous act of doing my Will,
– she receives as many deaths for as many times as she does not do It. (….)*

Look at how many deaths you suffer:
– each time you want Me and you do not find Me is a real death for you,
because you really do not see Me and do not feel Me.

This is death for you – it is martyrdom.
And that which is death for you can be life for others.”

” a death which  gives life to our brothers.” BOH 12

8 January 2021- The Virgin Mary became a Sun in virtue of the Divine Volition.

My daughter,
man never knows how to do great things,
– nor how to give great things.

So the Celestial Queen would have remained the little light,
–  if She had not put aside her volition, that is the little light, and
–  if she didn’t let herself be  invested by my Divine Volition,
loosing her little light in Him.

This was the great portent,  the Kingdom of my Divine Will in Her.
With this, all that which she did became Light.
She fed herself with Light.
Nothing went forth from Her that was not Light.
Because she held in her power the Sun of my Divine Volition.
And how much Light she wanted to draw so much of It she drew.

“The Virgin Mary became Sun in virtue of the Divine Volition.” BOH 23

7 January 2021 – The Divine Paternity gives to the Virgin Mary Divine Maternity.

“We called to life the little tiny Virgin Mary. We created her
 all pure, all holy, all beautiful, all love, without stain of original sin.
We made our own Divine Will conceived together with Her .
So  between Her and Us there was free access, perennial union and inseparability.

The Celestial Queen enraptured us with her beauty . Our Love raced.
With her love she wounded Us and our Love overflowing hid Itself in Her.
Looking through her Beauty, and with her Love  for all creatures
our Love vented itself.
And I loved all creatures with hidden Love in this Celestial Queen.

We loved everyone in Her. Through her beauty they don’t seem ugly
to Us anymore. Our love was not restrained in Us anymore,
but it was diffused in the heart of a creature so holy.

We communicated our Divine Paternity to her. We loved everyone in Her.
So she acquired the Divine Maternity in order to be able to love
everyone as her children, generated by her Celestial Father.”

“The Divine Paternity gives to the Virgin Mary Divine Maternity.BOH 33